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Inclusive Cultures vs Marital Status Titles

What place do marital status titles have in a world striving for inclusive cultures? This week, I received a link to complete a compulsory ‘Unconcious Bias’ training programme. The slow end to lockdown has meant a bit of a diary crunch in all areas of life, but I told myself off for daring to think […]

Happy Birthday Sheila Michaels!

On this day in May 1939, Sheila Michaels was born. A female rights activist and oral historian, she started popularising the use of ‘Ms’ in 1961 as an alternative to ‘Mrs’ and ‘Miss’, and gave women everywhere the option to start demanding equality wherever their title was used in reference to them. She recognised that […]

His Master’s Voice – The use of junior titles

Marital status titles reveal more information about women than about men. But why has the title of ‘Master’ declined in popularity, when the female counterpart of ‘Miss’ still exists? Robert Hickey, deputy director of the Protocol School of Washington stated that, “Use of Master [as] an honorific when addressing boys is considered old fashioned outside […]