5 ways to show your support for the GoTitleFree campaign

The GoTitle Free team has been very busy creating some fantastic new products and toolkits for businesses to use, which are now available here.

The materials and resources have been helping organisations in all sectors to progress with moving towards more gender inclusive practices. They also showcase those who are already succeeding and demonstrating best practice with many of the standards which we uphold. 

If you do not represent a business, there are still plenty of ways for you to show you care about a world with less categorisation, judgement and bias. 

Here are the 5 best ways for you to support our campaign as an individual and be a part of this movement towards a better and more inclusive world for those who no longer wish to be defined by marriage, or gender.

(Click on the orange headers to do your bit and spread the word):

  1. Sign – Our new petition is something for everybody to get involved with. Not everyone has the time to fill out a long survey, or to type out all of their thoughts and feelings. This is the simplest way for you to tell us you’re on board, and that you support our quest for positive social change!
  2. Share – Tell other people why you are supporting us. GoTitleFree is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and sharing our campaign with your networks will spread the word a little faster. 
  3. Speak – We are collecting 90 second voice snippets from our community about their thoughts on marital status titles. Hit the button and tell us why you don’t like those marital status title drop-down boxes in your loudest and proudest voice!  Not sure what to say? – Why not think about a time when you’ve been asked for a title and it didn’t seem necessary? Or a time when someone has addressed you incorrectly? 
  4. Shop – If you support the cause, then you can wear the t-shirt! What better way to spread the word and show that you want to see progress from a world where gender and marital status seems to matter so much. (Don’t forget to share a picture of you wearing or using your new GoTitleFree stuff on social media and with us!) 
  5. Donate – All profits from memberships and donations go directly towards progressing our vision and mission for creating a title free world. We are grateful to our whole community for all the sharing, all the comments, the ‘likes’ and the love.- Thank you!

As always, we are so grateful to all of our followers for helping us to drive positive social change.

We look forward to seeing the difference we can make to society, together. x

Stella Sutcliffe

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