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Live and Let Live: Re-writing Books for a Bias-Free Future

The last couple of weeks has seen two loved and deceased authors in the news subject to having their back catalogue rewritten to suit an audience of the future.  Ian Fleming, the writer of twelve James Bond novels as well as collections of short stories, has become the latest globally acclaimed author to have his […]

Keep moving and improving… (Happy 2023!)

We’ve started another year, and what a year we’ve been through since January 2022! As an avid runner, with my first marathon over a year behind me now, I personally find myself in the strange position of knowing that it’s impossible to always be moving faster, and going further.  It’s a lovely idea, but physically […]

The Equality Act 2010 – Ten years on…

This month marks 10 years since the government pulled together several small pieces of legislation into the Equality Act we know today.  In October 2010, the protected characteristics were listed out, along with the extent to which the law will defend the rights of people of any marital status, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical […]

How it started… and how it’s going.

GoTitleFree is celebrating! – The campaign is four years old today and we are also celebrating the 50th download of our toolkits. We are delighted that organisations and individuals are joining us on our quest to achieve a title free society and are reflecting today on the incredible work and journey which has brought us […]

Marital Status Titles – Are you a believer?

Where is the ‘agnostic’ or ‘atheist’ equivalent in the marital status title drop-down box? The campaign to remove marital status titles often makes us reflect on where and how else we’re asked for sensitive information, and when exactly we’re allowed to ‘opt out’ when asked for details about ourselves, our status and our situation in […]

5 ways to bring your gender inclusive language goals to life

Brilliant businesses will have best practice Equality, Diversity & Inclusion policies which will detail the organisation’s commitment to upholding an inclusive culture. But how can an organisation bring these policies to life and make sure that the changes are seen and felt throughout their company culture?  Share accountability  Gender inclusion is not just the responsibility […]

Doctor, Doctor…

Why female Doctors need to channel the pride in their title towards helping their fellow woman.  Replying to comments on Twitter, the three themes most commonly responded to by the GoTitleFree team are: The ‘rules’ of when to use ‘Ms’.  How to pronounce ‘Ms’ and ‘Mx’. How relieved female Doctors are at being able to […]

Why using ‘Mrs’ holds women back

The wedding season is fully upon us and couples who have waited to have free rein on guest numbers are now finally able to celebrate in the way they want. Hurrah hey?!  ‘Mr and Mrs’ cards and mugs are ready for purchase in all the shops, but how many brides really consider what it means […]