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Why using ‘Mrs’ holds women back

The wedding season is fully upon us and couples who have waited to have free rein on guest numbers are now finally able to celebrate in the way they want. Hurrah hey?!  ‘Mr and Mrs’ cards and mugs are ready for purchase in all the shops, but how many brides really consider what it means […]

10 famous people demanding to be ‘title free’…

For the last four years, the GoTitleFree team has been gathering thoughts, feelings and emotions about marital status titles; creating statistics to build a business case for organisations who must go on this journey to futureproof their business, as well as commit to inclusive practices.  When we say ‘free from titles’ we not only mean […]

On This Day: The Censorship of Anne Knight

GoTitleFree is passionate about using our blog to celebrate brilliant people who have paved the way for progress in the world of equality and inclusion, who’ve demanded change, or who have amplified the voices of others who did.  Today, we are celebrating Chelmsford born Anne Knight (1786 – 1862), whose experiences on this day (June […]

10 Things people ask about the GoTitleFree campaign…

The GoTitleFree team is often asked the same things when talking about our work with people. We thought we’d share our answers with our community, just in case you’re ever asked what GoTitleFree is all about, and why you support us! x 1. Do you want people to give up their titles?  No. Identity is […]

Titles and the weaponisation of gendered language

As we commence a new Pride month, where the world joins together to recognise and celebrate the positive influence LGBTQ+ people have had on the world, the GoTitleFree team have been thinking about the examples we’ve heard of titles being weaponised.  We know of many examples of marital status titles being used against a person […]

Quakers: Leading a title free life!

There were several reasons why the theme of Quakers has been of growing interest to the GoTitleFree team. For nearly four years, I’ve been campaigning for businesses to enable a title-free world, and searching for pockets of society in the world where titles don’t exist, so that I can prove it can be done, and […]